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We offer a fun, balanced mix of classes in a supportive studio community. This includes our signature BolderBARRE classes, Yoga, Pilates and Piyo® Live.

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Our fun and experienced instructors will make you feel welcome. Their knowledge and enthusiasm will get you to your goals quickly and safely. Learn more about our team.

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Bolder BARRE & Fitness is Stuart’s FINEST luxury Barre and fitness studio. Enjoy individual attention in a small-group setting.

To deliver maximum results fast, we complement our signature BolderBARRE® classes with Yoga, Pilates, and more for complete, balanced fitness in our two beautiful studios. All classes are taught by fully certified teachers in a supportive and fun community.

BolderBARRE®is a fast-paced, low-impact workout that will that will challenge your every muscle.This core-centered class combines traditional isometric exercises with larger range moves to safely and effectively sculpt and strengthen your whole body. BolderBarre adds in cardio interval bursts to burn calories and keep your heart rate elevated. Some moves use a ballet barre but no dance experience is required. Students at all fitness levels will find fun, challenge and RESULTS.

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Artist Patricia J. Reagan and Bolder BARRE & Fitness Raise Nearly $2,800 for Safe Space

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October 12, 2017 in Announcement

Celebrate Our One Year Anniversary With Us!

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From Our Students

Rita's classes are amazing. She is always adding and building on so it is never boring. Her focus on form with each and every student ensures that you get the most out of the work you are putting in while reducing the risk of injury. Since taking Rita's classes I have noticed I have gained more flexIbility and strength then I have gotten out of any other workout class.

Stacey P

Rita is an amazing instructor! She brings many levels of technical training to every workout, with multiple levels of intensities and unique moves every class. Every workout is different and challenging. She sets up moves correctly and safely and explains clearly how to engage the intended muscle group. She thoroughly stretches you so that you're not sore after. She does great modifications for beginners or someone working through an injury. There are a lot of instructors out there, but only one Rita!

Tina F.

I have been a fitness enthusiast for over 20 years, and have tried several at home exercises and machines. I was always skeptical about joining a fitness club or gym, but I wasn’t seeing results and needed a change. When I started taking classes with Rita, it was a challenge each and every class. She continues to motivate me and push my body and mind to the limit. One year later, I am addicted to her BolderBARRE class, and my body has never been so toned and strong. I love her energy and consistency. I can’t thank her enough for my dramatic change in my overall appearance, strength, and confidence!

Annette M

Since I have been coming to Rita's BolderBARRE class, it has affected the shape of my entire body, and I am much stronger. Rita is extremely professional, and she cares about everyone individually. I just love her!

Cristina M