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By January 20, 2017Blog


9 Ways to Create and Maintain a Positive Body Image

Make Health and Fitness Your Goal, Not Body Aesthetics.

1. Start Saying Nice Things To Yourself.  Stop saying anything to yourself or about yourself that you wouldn’t say to your dearest friend. The effects of those negative messages are long-lasting.

2. Don’t Believe Too Strongly In Diets. People who constantly diet have a higher risk of developing eating disorders, are more likely to binge eat and have other food-related issues. A diet that works for one person might not be right for another. Try to eat whole healthy foods, exercise regularly and make sure to get enough sleep!

3. Put Body Image In Perspective. Instead of spending time obsessing over your outer self – focus on what makes your inner self happy – hobbies and spending time with your family and friends. Think of all the wonderful things you are, and all that you have, and be grateful.

4. Genetics Is Important, But Not Everything. Embrace the body you have been given. Your health and weight is part genetics, and part lifestyle choices. How often you exercise, how much you eat, what kinds of foods you eat and how many calories you burn determine your weight. Control what you can, and accept the rest.

5. How To Deal With Cravings. When you feel a food craving, look at your watch, and time how long it lasts. Cravings are not permanent, they come and go faster than most people think. Most women find their cravings only last 15-30 seconds. Even I can resist peanut butter for 15 seconds (most of the time, anyway)!

6. Use the Power of “YET.”  Instead of saying: “I’m not very fit,” add the word “yet” and it becomes a promise: “I’m not very fit, YET.” It says you can change, and you will.

7. Think of an “Admirable Women” List.  Make a mental list of women you admire, who have contributed to your life, your community, or the world. When you made your list, did you consider the shape of their thighs? Obviously, not!

8. Set Goals That Are Realistic And Healthy. If you are overweight or out of shape – know that progress takes time. Working to improve your health and fitness is not just an admirable goal – it is a lifestyle, and you can have a blast during the journey!

9. Find A Fitness Community. The best exercise plan is the one you will stick with! Surround yourself with fun, positive people who share similar goals and want to lift you up. A great group like the Bolder BARRE Tribe will bring support, accountability and FUN to your efforts!

Start “Living Bolder®!”

Rita Jenkins-Wolcott, CPT/NASM
Founder, Bolder Barre® & Fitness
Regency Square, 2468 SE Federal Hwy, Stuart, FL

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