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What is Vinyasa Flow Yoga

By June 5, 2017Blog
Over the next few weeks we want to demystify some of our class formats. At this point, you probably know what Barre is (if you don’t, don’t panic!), but some of the other classes on the schedule might have you scratching your head. Here’s a primer on Yin Yoga, and how to know if it’s a good fit for you.
Vinyasa Flow Yoga is one of the most familiar styles of yoga for most practitioners. Even if you’ve never done a class “called” vinyasa, if it involved sun salutations, there’s a fairly good chance it was vinyasa (or something like it).

Do I Need Vinyasa Yoga?

Vinyasa Flow Yoga is for you if:

  • You HATE cardio. This is a great way to get your blood pumping without spending any time on the dreadmill.
  • You’re looking for a balanced full-body workout that will both stretch and strengthen.
  • You’re stressed and want to sweat out the tension.
  • You want to explore mind-body connection, meditation, or other Eastern practices. All of our instructors bring their own unique interests, background, and passions into their classes — from philosophy to Ayurveda and more.

What is Vinyasa Flow Yoga

“Vinyasa” is used pretty widely to describe yoga classes, so sometimes it’s easiest to define it by what it’s not (especially if you’ve taken yoga classes before, but you have no idea what style they were!). Vinyasa yoga is not super-restorative or slow-paced (like Yin). You also won’t hold static poses for an extended period of time.

In a vinyasa yoga class, you’ll move your body with your breath. It is dynamic and active, meaning that often you might spend as much time getting into a pose as you do holding the pose. You’ll elevate your heartrate and breathing just a bit — you might even sweat.

Vinyasa classes have a distinct beginning, middle, and end with a peak posture or series of postures that you’re working toward. Within that very broad structure, though, each vinyasa class is different; your instructor chooses which poses to do each day, so things never get stale. Finally, a vinyasa class — even though it does have a focus — is a full-body workout. You’ll flow through standing and supine poses; you’ll back-bend and forward-fold; you’ll lengthen and strengthen.

What to Expect in Class

When you arrive for class, you may or may not be instructed to gather some props, depending on what the instructor has planned. Many, though not all, of our yoga classes begin with a reading or a brief meditation from the teacher.

During class, you’ll be verbally instructed into every pose — we do not exclusively use the names for poses. We’ll talk you through exactly what your body needs to be doing in the posture. Additionally, your teacher will probably give you lots of options for increasing or decreasing the intensity of the class. Take them! They’re there to benefit your practice.

Sometimes poses may be very challenging. This is totally normal! We want you to feel challenged in every class. With that said, if something just isn’t working for you (e.g. it’s painful or your brain just can’t make your body understand what to do), you can and should ask for help. If you get your instructor’s attention, she will be happy to adjust you or provide an alternative.

Every class closes with savasana. During savasana we lay on the ground with eyes closed in a position of complete surrender. Don’t worry, if you fall asleep, we’ll gently wake you after class.

Book Your Class

Vinyasa Flow Yoga is available:

  • Monday/Wednesday/Friday at 9:30AM with Kelly
  • Tuesday/Thursday at 7:30AM with Kelly
  • Tuesday at 6PM with Stephanie
  • Wednesday at 6:15PM with Kelly