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New Year Resolution Mistakes That Can Hinder Your Goals

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(and How to Avoid Them!)

We’re just 1 day away from a New Year AND a new decade. Resolution season is upon us!  Millions of people are setting intentions and lofty plans for 2020. Among the most popular resolutions – eating healthier and getting more exercise. Statistically, 80% of people who make New Year’s resolutions abandon them by mid-February – many by January 17 aka Ditch Your Resolution Day (I’m not making this up).

Before you go overboard drafting an overly ambitious list, you may want to consider what not to do. Here are some New Year’s resolution mistakes — and how you can avoid them.

Mistake 1: Your Goal Is Too Vague

HOW? Make sure your goal passes the SMART test — Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely.

Goals like “I want to get fit,” “I am going to eat healthy,” and “I want to lose weight” are too broad to be successful. You need to define this exactly, in clear terms.

Instead of committing to eat healthier — which is vague and challenging to measure — decide to limit processed foods (stuff in boxes and bags), add a veggie to every meal and drink 6-8 glasses of water every day.

Mistake 2: Your Goal Isn’t Realistic

Don’t register for a marathon if you’ve never run a 5K. Start Smaller. People often set expectations too high, especially at the beginning of the year. Then, when they don’t reach them, get frustrated — and often ditch the goal completely.

If your goal is to work out 5 days a week, start with 3 days a week for a month. “Ask yourself, “On a scale of 1-10, how likely am I to commit to this?’” If your answer is between 8 and 10 – go for it!

Mistake 3: Choosing A Goal For The Wrong Reason 

Ask yourself why you want this goal? If your goal is to start working out, are you doing it  to feel better and stronger, or because you don’t like the way your jeans fit? Find your WHY. People who are motivated by the benefits of exercise – better health, more energy, more strength, more confidence, less stress (what I call non-scale victories) are more likely to stick with it and be successful. 

Mistake 4: You Don’t Hold Yourself Accountable

This one is huge … If there are no consequences, you’re more likely to make excuses, slack off, or even give up entirely. Ever start something with a passion, then just fall off? Yeah, me too. To hold yourself accountable, you need to put yourself in situations that make it difficult to bail.

Pro Tip: Find an Accountability Partner. Make non-negotiable exercise dates with a friend so you can’t ditch out on them at the last minute. Plan your classes or workouts, schedule them in your phone (with an alert), and then don’t cancel. A one hour workout is only 4% of your day. Bolder BARRE is the perfect place to meet supportive, like-minded partners. 

Mistake 5: You Make Too Many Resolutions

If you pledge to go to Bolder BARRE 4 days a week, >and run 3 days a week, plus cut dairy and sugar from your diet all at the same time, you might be setting yourself up for disappointment.

Setting too many ambitious goals all at once is like trying to hold a bunch of balls underwater. Eventually, something’s gonna give and then you risk that snowball effect of tossing it all out the window.

Instead, focus on one or two goals. Once you’ve successfully incorporated one goal into your life, you can gradually pepper in related mini goals to make sure you’re progressing.

Mistake 6: You Don’t Have A Plan

Setting a goal without creating a plan of action is like building a house without laying the foundation first — totally unsustainable.

Make a list of actions you can take every day, then you can add in weekly and monthly milestones you want to hit along the way. Breaking a big goal down into several small short-term goals will help you stay focused and feel accomplished — even on the tough days.

For example, if your goal is to do push-ups on your toes – you may start practicing at the barre on against a countertop. Then progress to push-ups on your knees. Once you nail that, try ONE push-up on your toes – you can always limit your range of motion until you build strength. Believe it or not, it’s your MIND you need to convince first (“I CAN do this!”). Repeat this until you can do 5 or 10 at a time.

Mistake 7: Your Resolution Feels Like A Grind

A good goal should be both challenging and exciting. It should push you outside your comfort zone, but still be attainable. If your goal feels too difficult, discouraging, or boring, tweak it. Make it FUN and you’re more likely to stick with it.

Mistake 8: You Don’t Celebrate Your Progress

Instead of waiting to treat yourself or have fun until you hit your goal (which — let’s be honest— can seem like a lifetime away), take a moment every once in a while to acknowledge your hard work and progress.

Celebrate your small victories to help you stay motivated and excited to continue.

Pro tip: If your tendency is to celebrate with food, rethink your strategy. Instead, treat yourself to a massage, pedicure or spa day – or even  new workout gear (new leggings make everything better!)

8 Portion Size Tips for the Holidays … And Every Day!

By Blog

8 Tips to Manage Your Portion Sizes

Limiting portions can help you manage your weight, and ultimately even avoid illness and other health issues. However, learning what a “correct” portion size is, and sticking to it, can be challenging.

  1. Don’t skip meals! If you’re starving, you’re more likely to reach for less than stellar foods options and overindulge. Try to keep yourself nourished throughout the day. For most people, the best plan is to eat three well-designed meals and one or two snacks.
  2. Learn to measure your portions. In our super-sized world, we often consume multiple servings at a meal. Did you know that a serving of grains is the size of your fist? Or that a serving of protein is the size of your palm? One tablespoon is the size of your thumb? The photo above will help you judge sizes better.
  3. Use the Power of Smaller Plates. Studies have shown that eating from a smaller plate tricks your brain into thinking you have a bigger meal to consume. Save your larger dinner plates for special occasions and serve your regular meals on a salad or side plate instead.
  4. Slow Down! It can take your body up to 20 minutes to register that you had enough to eat. Scarfing down your food will only have you reaching for that second helping more quickly. Eating slowly and chewing your food thoroughly also improves your digestive system, by giving your stomach more time to properly digest the food. Be mindful when you eat – focus on the smell, flavors, textures and take time to really enjoy every bite.
  5. Drink Up! Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Staying hydrated will prevent you from eating when you are not actually hungry, since hunger is very easily confused with thirst. Staying hydrated will also make your skin look radiant, keep your energy levels up and help keep your hunger at bay.
  6. Call them “Treats,” not “Cheats.” We all have foods that are simply too irresistible to avoid. For me, it’s any kind of nut butter! Calling them a “cheat” can cause feelings of guilt and remorse. Try reframing it and calling them treats. Enjoying a treat once in a while will keep you on track, help you to not feel deprived and can also help manage uncontrollable cravings.
  7. Get Enough Sleep! Make sure you are getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night. Many of us tend to eat more and crave simple (“bad”) carbs when we are tired. Our bodies are looking for a quick fix to the energy slumps we are feeling. Stick to complex carbs such as veggies, whole grains and leafy greens. Healthy fats such as avocado and nuts are also great options that will boost your energy and satisfy your hunger!
  8. Don’t Snack From The Bag. Read the label, serve yourself one portion in a bowl, then put the bag away!


Waitlist FAQs

By Blog

As we move into season, and classes fill up, you might discover our automated waitlist feature. The waitlist is an easy and convenient way to increase your chances of getting into classes you want to take.

The basic idea is this: You add yourself to the waitlist. When someone cancels, you are automatically added to class. You will receive a text or email: just confirm or decline your spot and you’re good to go!

Here are the most frequently asked questions we receive:

If it says waitlist, should I bother signing up? Yes! Our waitlist is limited to 5 in larger classes and 3 in smaller ones. If you are on the waitlist, you aren’t far from getting into class. It’s not unusual for everyone on the list to get in. (Of course, the closer to class time, the lower the likelihood you’ll get in.)

When will I know if I am going to get into class? You will be notified automatically when you move off the waitlist. We will hold this spot for you until you either confirm or decline. Please let us know either way.

How will I be notified? You’ll receive an email and text message when you get in. However, if we do not have accurate contact information or you’ve opted out of notifications, you will not hear from us. In these cases, we do our best to reach out to everyone who gets in. Please check the MindBody app a few hours before class and see if you are “Booked” or “Waitlisted.”

Do I need to do anything if I get into class? Yes! If you receive the text message, please reply Y or N, so we can confirm your booking or pass the spot along to the next person on the list. If you receive an email only, you can cancel yourself via the app or call the studio to confirm you will attend.

What if I don’t see that I got into class or forget to accept/decline my spot? If you get in off the waitlist but do not confirm this is not considered a late cancel/no show. As a courtesy to anyone still waitlisted, please promptly accept or decline your spot in class. Until you decline, we hold that spot for you.

What if I double book (waitlist for one class and book another)? We’re flexible about our cancellation and no-show policies when you’re on a waitlist. We understand that when you’re waitlisted you may make other plans, or you might be switching back and forth between two class times based on availability. Just give us as much heads up as possible so you are not blocking another client from attending.

Artist Patricia J. Reagan and Bolder BARRE & Fitness Raise Nearly $2,800 for Safe Space

By Announcement
We are so excited to share that Art at the Barre on September 29, 2017 raised nearly $2,800 for SafeSpace. Safe Space operates an emergency shelter and provides much-needed support to victims of domestic violence here on the Treasure Coast.
Thank you to our featured artist, Patricia J Reagan, whose beautiful works made the event, and who shot some absolutely stunning pieces specifically with the issue of domestic violence in mind for this partnership.
We also have to give an enormous shout out as well to our sponsor, Edward D. Reagan PA, and food sponsor S. T. Good Insurance of Florida. Thank you to our many Chinese auction donors, including Robyn Fore of Symmetry Vascular Center, Mary Washer Designs, Ristorante Claretta, Name Dropper Designs & More Inc., Stella & Dot Stylist Virginia MacDonald, Pampered Chef Representative Holly Altman, Make Up by ANABELLA, Taco Shack, Monkee’s of Stuart, Style Encore, Michael Leonard’s Salon, Calico Corners Florida, Island Touch Massage & Spa, Friendly Framers, Turtle Lady Art, On The Table LLC, and Josephine’s Cafe & Bistro.
Thank you to every one of you who attended or supported this event. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Getting Results with Fitness AND Nutrition

By Blog

As a health and fitness professional and studio owner, my clients often ask me questions like, “What do I need to do to feel stronger and look better? How much do you workout?  How do I get flat abs?  How do I get rid of jiggly arms?  How come I can’t seem to lose these last 5 pounds?  Why do you have so much energy? Do you take any workout supplements?  What do YOU eat? …”

First, there is no one thing that will make you both look and feel more fit.  It’s a combination of a balanced exercise program, healthy nutrition and proper rest,  so here are a few things I do to look and feel my best.

How do you work out?  Of course I work out, but not as much as some people think. I work out about 5 days a week, for about 40 minutes a day. But I work HARD when I exercise.  If you’re phoning it in at the barre or the gym, forget results.   And I never do steady-state cardio like running (but only because  it’s simply not my jam!). Unless you’re training for a sport or endurance event, you do not need to exercise 10+ hours a week!

What do I eat?  I’d tell you I “eat clean,” but what does that really mean? Clean eating can mean many things.  I try to limit overly processed foods (things in bags and boxes), and I eat tons of raw vegetables and lots of  fish (I’ve been otherwise vegetarian for 38 years). Fish on a salad is my favorite meal and I eat that every night!  I don’t keep junk food  in my house (harder for those of you with kids, I know).  I also don’t eat pasta or pizza. Ever. I’m not knocking it, that’s just what works for me. I drink a lot of water and keep healthy snacks (nuts, Quest Bars, fresh veggies with almond butter) with me when I am on the go (in my office, in my car and in my purse).

Do you have a “Secret Sauce?”   I only mention this when clients ask me directly, but I  LOVE my Beachbody products.  I use two daily: Energize (pre-workout) and Shakeology! For the past 5 years, nearly every single day, I have fueled my body with a dense, super-foods protein shake. I have tested many (many) products over the years, and I feel (for me) this is hands down the best on the market – I call it “Liquid Gold”! I have tons of energy, and I am never sick! At about $4 per meal,  I feel Shakeology is a reasonable investment in my health, and I LOVE the flavors. I like Vegan Vanilla best, because I have a sensitive digestive system, and many other products make me feel bloated. I always add fun stuff to my Shakeology meal, like pumpkin, flax, PB Fit and frozen berries.  I deserve to feel good, and my family deserves a healthy me. If I don’t take care of myself, someone else will have to. I truly feel it is worth every penny! You can read more about it (and even order it) here: SHAKEOLOGY

My pre-workout product of choice is ENERGIZE  I find that it boosts my energy,  endurance, strength, focus and helps me to push harder during my workouts.

Some people like cleanses, fasts and the like.  I feel the science there is weak, and I’ve never found them to be successful for me. But, if they work for you, then go for it!

As for the rest of the questions, the answers pretty much point to NUTRITION. Can’t see your abs? Nutrition, not crunches, is where to turn. Exercise accounts for only about 20% of reaching your goals. Nutrition is the other 80%.  And it’s the 80% we most struggle with!

Here are a few things I know:

  • Exercise alone doesn’t work.
  • Dieting alone doesn’t work.
  • Both exercise AND nutrition are CRITICAL to the body transformation process.

The most effective plan is to follow a solid nutrition program while exercising properly.

The key to maintaining a fitness regime is: VARIETY, INTENSITY, and CONSISTENCY. If your workout feels like a punishment, find something you LOVE (like Barre!). Mix it up. Go hard, but smart. And COMMIT to it … do SOMETHING 5 times a week. Even 10 minutes a day can help. 10 minutes several times a day, even better.

Don’t FIND the time, MAKE the time. YOU matter! You deserve to be fit and healthy. Your FAMILY deserves you to be fit and healthy, too. Taking care of yourself isn’t selfish. NOT taking care of yourself is.

There is a lot of pseudo-science and uninformed advice floating around out there. Everyone has an opinion!  But I know this: Nutrition is bio-individual. What I do works for me, at this time, for my goals. They may not work for someone else.  There is no one right diet for everyone (paleo, low-fat, low carb, keto, intermittent fasting, etc.).  Find what works for YOU.

Make healthy choices 80% of the time, and treat yourself by having the foods you like the other 20%.  And ENJOY that 20%!  Nothing undermines a nutrition plan like the feeling of deprivation!  Don’t call it a “cheat” – it’s a treat, a reward for good performance.

Focus on feeling STRONG and HEALTHY with loads of ENERGY as goals. You are NOT a number on a scale or a jean size. Numbers lie and a scale is a poor barometer of health and fitness. In fact, throw out your scale.

You can workout as hard as you want, but without attention to your nutritional intake, you won’t achieve the noticeable results you are looking for.

Eat, Move, Live … Better.


Start “Living Bolder®!”

Rita Jenkins-Wolcott, CPT/NASM
Founder, Bolder Barre® & Fitness
Regency Square, 2468 SE Federal Hwy, Stuart, FL

© 2016 Bolder Barre, LLC, ALL rights Reserved.

Opening Reception and Fundraiser for Safe Space

By Announcement
On Friday, Sept. 29 from 5:30-7:30PM Bolder BARRE will host an Opening Reception and Fundraiser for Safe Space featuring fine art photography by Patricia J. Reagan. We invite you to join us for wine, light bites, drawings (including a work by the artist herself!), and good times with the #BolderTribe.
This fun event supports a serious mission: Safe Space operates an emergency shelter for victims of domestic violence, and provides services from counseling to long-term housing and more. As a community of (mostly) women, their mission is near and dear to our hearts — as we’re sure it is for many of you, too.
While there is no charge for this event, Registration is required. Don’t forget to bring your checkbook to support the wonderful work Safe Space does to support victims of domestic violence on the Treasure Coast. Thank you to our gracious sponsor, Edward D. Reagan, PA.

What is Yoga Sculpt

By Blog

Over the past few weeks we’ve been demystifying some of our class formats to help you break out of your shell and find the confidence to try something new. At this point, you probably know what Barre is (if you don’t, don’t panic!), but some of the other classes on the schedule might have you scratching your head. Here’s a primer on PiYo LIVE, and how to know if it’s a good fit for you.

Looking for the length and stretch of yoga paired with the strength-building power of weightlifting? Yoga Sculpt is for you! This proprietary BolderBARRE format is an awesome opportunity to mix things up while still building muscle.

Do I Need Yoga Sculpt?

Yoga Sculpt is for you if you:

  • Love yoga but need to add a bit more strength-training into your workout routine
  • Love strength training but need to add a little more flow and stretch into your routine
  • Want to work on your core strength — planks all day!
  • Need to get out of your head and into your body by connecting mind, body, and breath with dynamic full-body movement.

What is Yoga Sculpt?

Yoga Sculpt is a sweaty and fun yoga class developed by our very own Stephanie to meet the needs of our Bolder Tribe. We know you need yoga, but many of our members were hesitant to give up their weight training at 5:30AM. So Stephanie created Yoga Sculpt, which includes many of the same movements of a Vinyasa Flow Yoga class, but adds in upper body weight work such as back flies, rows, and tricep extensions.

If you’re already a #BolderYoga fan, you’ll recognize a lot of our Yoga Sculpt class from Vinyasa Flow. We flow through vinyasas (plank, chaturanga, cobra, down dog) and warrior poses, focusing deeply on the breath. There’s also an extra-big helping of core work in this class.

What to Expect in Class

When you arrive for class, you’ll need to collect a pair of weights — usually around 4-5 lbs. You may also be instructed to use a few other props, which will be provided. You do need a yoga mat for Yoga Sculpt class; you can borrow one from the studio for $2 if you don’t have your own.

Just like Vinyasa Flow, you’ll be verbally instructed into every pose — we do not exclusively use the names for poses. We’ll talk you through exactly what your body needs to be doing in the posture. Additionally, your teacher will probably give you lots of options for increasing or decreasing the intensity of the class. Take them! They’re there to benefit your practice.

You’ll finish class on the floor with a few brief stretches that target your entire body. Breathe deeply, relax, and get ready to take on the day.

Book Your Class

Yoga Sculpt is available:

  • Monday at 5:30AM with Stephanie
  • Friday at 5:30AM with Stephanie


What is PiYo LIVE?

By Blog

Over the past few weeks we’ve been demystifying some of our class formats to help you break out of your shell and find the confidence to try something new. At this point, you probably know what Barre is (if you don’t, don’t panic!), but some of the other classes on the schedule might have you scratching your head. Here’s a primer on PiYo LIVE, and how to know if it’s a good fit for you.

Rita likes to describe this class as “imagine if Pilates and Yoga drank 3 Red Bulls and then took a shot of espresso.” Oh yeah, let’s get into it.

Do I Need PiYo LIVE?

PiYo® LIVE is for you if:

  • If you want to sweat, stretch and strength in one low-impact, body-sculpting workout.
  • You want to get out of your head and into your body with non-stop dynamic movement.
  • You feel like you “should” do cardio, but you need some major motivation to get through it.
  • You’re looking for the flexibility and lean muscles of Pilates and Yoga, but you want more challenge (or just more movement).
  • You want to balance the strengthening micro-movements and shake of barre with some big functional fitness moves.

What is PiYo LIVE?

PiYo stretches and strengthens your entire body with movements inspired by Yoga and Pilates as well as traditional fitness training. You can expect to see moves like burpees, down dogs, planks, warriors, and more. While it’s low-impact, it is definitely high intensity and fat-burning — you WILL sweat!

Another fun part of PiYo LIVE is that you will flow between movements in choreographed sequences just like you would in a yoga class. So, if you’ve taken Vinyasa Flow Yoga, this aspect of class might feel familiar.

What’s with the “LIVE”? PiYo is a format originally created by BeachBody, so the “live” distinguishes it from the at-home video version of the workout. This popular class lends itself really well to an in-person setting. You’ll thrive off the energy of everyone else in the room and regularly learn new choreography when you take class LIVE!

What to Expect in Class

PiYo LIVE is a barefoot class with no sticky socks. You’ll use your own yoga mat to set up when you arrive.

You’ll begin class with a warm-up, which remains consistent week after week. Then you’ll move into the choreographed sections. You’ll repeat the same sequences for a few weeks so you learn the flow and feel familiar with it. We add in a new section or two every couple of weeks. This keeps class fun and exciting so you never get bored!

Book your class

PiYo LIVE is taught by Rita as well as the newest instructor to join the Bolder tribe, Lauren. Lauren is super fun and PASSIONATE about PiYo — our PiYo-neers LOVE her classes! You can take class with Lauren:

  • Wednesday at 6PM
  • Friday at 7:30AM


What is Vinyasa Flow Yoga

By Blog
Over the next few weeks we want to demystify some of our class formats. At this point, you probably know what Barre is (if you don’t, don’t panic!), but some of the other classes on the schedule might have you scratching your head. Here’s a primer on Yin Yoga, and how to know if it’s a good fit for you.
Vinyasa Flow Yoga is one of the most familiar styles of yoga for most practitioners. Even if you’ve never done a class “called” vinyasa, if it involved sun salutations, there’s a fairly good chance it was vinyasa (or something like it).

Do I Need Vinyasa Yoga?

Vinyasa Flow Yoga is for you if:

  • You HATE cardio. This is a great way to get your blood pumping without spending any time on the dreadmill.
  • You’re looking for a balanced full-body workout that will both stretch and strengthen.
  • You’re stressed and want to sweat out the tension.
  • You want to explore mind-body connection, meditation, or other Eastern practices. All of our instructors bring their own unique interests, background, and passions into their classes — from philosophy to Ayurveda and more.

What is Vinyasa Flow Yoga

“Vinyasa” is used pretty widely to describe yoga classes, so sometimes it’s easiest to define it by what it’s not (especially if you’ve taken yoga classes before, but you have no idea what style they were!). Vinyasa yoga is not super-restorative or slow-paced (like Yin). You also won’t hold static poses for an extended period of time.

In a vinyasa yoga class, you’ll move your body with your breath. It is dynamic and active, meaning that often you might spend as much time getting into a pose as you do holding the pose. You’ll elevate your heartrate and breathing just a bit — you might even sweat.

Vinyasa classes have a distinct beginning, middle, and end with a peak posture or series of postures that you’re working toward. Within that very broad structure, though, each vinyasa class is different; your instructor chooses which poses to do each day, so things never get stale. Finally, a vinyasa class — even though it does have a focus — is a full-body workout. You’ll flow through standing and supine poses; you’ll back-bend and forward-fold; you’ll lengthen and strengthen.

What to Expect in Class

When you arrive for class, you may or may not be instructed to gather some props, depending on what the instructor has planned. Many, though not all, of our yoga classes begin with a reading or a brief meditation from the teacher.

During class, you’ll be verbally instructed into every pose — we do not exclusively use the names for poses. We’ll talk you through exactly what your body needs to be doing in the posture. Additionally, your teacher will probably give you lots of options for increasing or decreasing the intensity of the class. Take them! They’re there to benefit your practice.

Sometimes poses may be very challenging. This is totally normal! We want you to feel challenged in every class. With that said, if something just isn’t working for you (e.g. it’s painful or your brain just can’t make your body understand what to do), you can and should ask for help. If you get your instructor’s attention, she will be happy to adjust you or provide an alternative.

Every class closes with savasana. During savasana we lay on the ground with eyes closed in a position of complete surrender. Don’t worry, if you fall asleep, we’ll gently wake you after class.

Book Your Class

Vinyasa Flow Yoga is available:

  • Monday/Wednesday/Friday at 9:30AM with Kelly
  • Tuesday/Thursday at 7:30AM with Kelly
  • Tuesday at 6PM with Stephanie
  • Wednesday at 6:15PM with Kelly