Back to School – Back to YOU!

You’re back from vacation, the kids are finally back in a routine.
Give yourself a little TLC and commit to your fitness and wellness this Fall. You deserve this!

From now until Aug. 31, purchase a New Client 30-Day Unlimited special for $99
(for new clients with local ID only) and we’ll give you a free pair of Barre sticky socks (up to $16 value).

What is BolderBARRE®?

BolderBARRE is a results oriented, low-impact, full body workout set to motivating music. You will sculpt and strengthen your whole body – toned arms, leaner thighs, flatter abs and lifted seat. This core-centered class combines traditional isometric exercises with larger-range moves to safely and effectively sculpt and strengthen your whole body. BolderBARRE adds in cardio interval bursts to torch calories and keep your heart rate elevated.

We offer individual attention and accountability in a fun group setting. Some moves use a ballet barre but no dance experience is required. No matter your fitness level, you’ll be challenged and supported as you transform your body.

"Friendly staff, amazing workouts, prompt classes, and LOVE seeing results!"


I love Bolder Barre!!! The staff is truly amazing and even though the classes kick my butt, it is the most rewarding feeling after!! If you haven't gone yet then you are missing out!!


Taking classes at BolderBarre, you feel like you're part of something special and doing something special for yourself ... A beautiful clean studio with beautiful, friendly and professional instructors!



Today’s Classes

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Here at Bolder BARRE & Fitness we also offer Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Yin Yoga, Power Yoga, and Yoga Sculpt as well as Pilates and PiYo LIVE® classes. We want you to be your most balanced, well-rounded self, so we offer a range of classes to help you achieve all your fitness goals. All classes are included in your New Client 30-Day Unlimited special.

What’s with the socks?

Sticky socks are required for BolderBARRE classes for both hygiene and safety reasons. The non-slip dots on the bottom keep you from sliding around on our wood floors, so you can focus on your form and stay safe! Additionally, wearing socks when using our exercise mats helps keep them clean and hygienic. Socks are also required for Pilates, but not for Yoga or PiYo LIVE classes (you use your own non-slip yoga mat for PiYo and Yoga).

When you purchase your New Client 30-Day Unlimited special before August 31st, we’ll give you a free pair of sticky socks (up to $16 value)!

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