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What Are the Different Yoga Classes You Offer?

By December 29, 2018June 16th, 2019Blog

One of the questions we receive all the time is “What do all the different kinds of yoga you offer mean?” Vinyasa Flow, Power, and Yin Yoga might not be totally intuitive, so we wanted to explain a little bit more about what these class formats mean. Here’s a quick video with Kelly explaining the differences:

And the quick cheat sheet:

  • Vinyasa Flow Yoga: A dynamic, flowing practice in tune with your breath. Beginner to intermediate. Stretch & strengthen in one!
  • Power Yoga: A Vinyasa Yoga class at a higher intensity. Quicker flowing with some more challenging poses. While it’s not heated, you will get sweaty. Advanced-beginner, intermediate, or advanced.
  • Yin Yoga: Dark, quiet, and chill. Long-held stretches and meditative practices. Extremely beginner friendly and suitable for many injuries – call us to discuss if you have questions!

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