Welcome to the Bolder BARRE & Fitness Tribe

Light weights are a staple of BolderBARRE classes

Ready to take your first class? We’re happy you’re here! We’ll meet you where you are and help get you where you want to go.

I’m afraid I won’t be able to keep up with the class – I don’t want to be embarrassed or crash & burn!

You can TOTALLY do this! We believe the saying: “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.” We’re not gonna lie – it’s not going to be easy, but it WILL be worth it. And you CAN do it!

You’re here because you want to make a change – to become your best YOU. Prepare to be challenged, encouraged and motivated by experienced instructors in a fun, supportive studio community. Allow yourself to be a beginner. There is a learning curve to BolderBARRE®. You may feel like a newbie your first few classes – most everyone else did too (just ask a one of our veteran students!). Hang in there! Just do your best in each class, be consistent, and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you see and feel the difference!

Our certified Bolder Barre & Fitness instructors offer modifications for all moves to serve students at all fitness levels. They will help you learn proper form and give you plenty of individual attention to assure you are working safely and effectively. They are also trained to help those with special exercise needs: injuries, physical issues, pregnancy and so forth. Be sure to tell your instructor you’re new to class.

This is my first barre class! Walk me through a class.

BolderBARRE ® is a fast‐paced, low impact workout that will challenge your every muscle. This core‐centered class combines traditional isometric exercises with larger range moves to safely and effectively sculpt and strengthen your whole body. BolderBarre adds in cardio interval bursts to each class to burn calories and keep your heart rate elevated for a complete workout.

Each class begins with a dynamic, full-body warm-up, followed by exercises to strengthen and stabilize your core. Next are standing exercises with light weights to sculpt and strengthen your arms and upper body. Then we hit the barre (no, not that bar) for thigh and seat work (You’re about to experience the barre “shake”). After a cardio interval burst and more targeted core work, class ends with a well-deserved final stretch. All BolderBARRE® classes follow a similar flow, but the music and the exercises change every class, so you’ll never get the same class twice!

What should I wear and bring to class?

We recommend bringing a towel, a bottle of water and a great attitude to every class!
  • Wear comfortable workout attire for all classes. Leggings or capris and a top that covers your midriff.
  • For both hygiene and safety reasons, sticky socks are required for Barre – you can purchase them at the studio if needed. We provide mats for Barre. Sticky socks are optional for all other classes.
  • No shoes in class, please.
  • A yoga mat is required for all classes except Barre  – we have mats for rent if you forget.

Before class:

  • Please arrive 15 minutes early for your first class.
  • You’ll fill out paperwork and meet your instructor who will show you around and help you get settled.
  • Please let your instructor know your goals and limitations, if any.
  • Please turn off your Bluetooth, silence your cell phone and leave it in your cubby.

After class:

  • Check in with your instructor for any questions or clarifications. We are always happy to stay and chat.
  • Feeling motivated? Reserve your next session! You’ll see better results if you combine several different types of classes for a balanced fitness regime. Variety, Consistency, and Intensity creates a platform for success!