Stephanie is a 200 hour RYT and an experienced gymnastics instructor. A competitive gymnast for 12 years, she was introduced to yoga in 2009. She was drawn to it immediately, but had no idea the impact it would have on her life. In 2012, she tried Crossfit, and once she began regularly attending, yoga fell by the wayside. Eventually, the weight-lifting and intense cardio began to wear on her body and tighten her muscles. She knew where she needed to go. She sought out a yoga studio and began to practice again, this time with new purpose – releasing stress, taking care of her body, and connecting with herself. In 2015 received her 200 hour YTT with Marianne Wells, learning how to use yoga as injury prevention. She currently teaches yoga for athletes. Stephanie’s personal health philosophy stems from functional fitness. Her classes focus on utilizing the body in ways it was meant to be used. Squatting, planking, and lunging are all aspects of movement that we have forgotten in our sedentary, stuck-behind-the-desk society. Her fitness motto, ” Great things never came from comfort zones.”