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Waitlist FAQs

By November 6, 2017Blog

As we move into season, and classes fill up, you might discover our automated waitlist feature. The waitlist is an easy and convenient way to increase your chances of getting into classes you want to take.

The basic idea is this: You add yourself to the waitlist. When someone cancels, you are automatically added to class. You will receive a text or email: just confirm or decline your spot and you’re good to go!

Here are the most frequently asked questions we receive:

If it says waitlist, should I bother signing up? Yes! Our waitlist is limited to 5 in larger classes and 3 in smaller ones. If you are on the waitlist, you aren’t far from getting into class. It’s not unusual for everyone on the list to get in. (Of course, the closer to class time, the lower the likelihood you’ll get in.)

When will I know if I am going to get into class? You will be notified automatically when you move off the waitlist. We will hold this spot for you until you either confirm or decline. Please let us know either way.

How will I be notified? You’ll receive an email and text message when you get in. However, if we do not have accurate contact information or you’ve opted out of notifications, you will not hear from us. In these cases, we do our best to reach out to everyone who gets in. Please check the MindBody app a few hours before class and see if you are “Booked” or “Waitlisted.”

Do I need to do anything if I get into class? Yes! If you receive the text message, please reply Y or N, so we can confirm your booking or pass the spot along to the next person on the list. If you receive an email only, you can cancel yourself via the app or call the studio to confirm you will attend.

What if I don’t see that I got into class or forget to accept/decline my spot? If you get in off the waitlist but do not confirm this is not considered a late cancel/no show. As a courtesy to anyone still waitlisted, please promptly accept or decline your spot in class. Until you decline, we hold that spot for you.

What if I double book (waitlist for one class and book another)? We’re flexible about our cancellation and no-show policies when you’re on a waitlist. We understand that when you’re waitlisted you may make other plans, or you might be switching back and forth between two class times based on availability. Just give us as much heads up as possible so you are not blocking another client from attending.